API 6A Gate Valves

API 6A Gate Valve

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Shreeraj Industries manufactures a range of API 6A Gate Valves. The rugged design ensures reliable and trouble free service. The valves are of full bore design with an expanding gate feature to provide positive shut off on both upstream and downstream seats.

Shut-off is achieved by a parallel wedging action of the two gate segments which mechanically brings the gate and seat into metal to metal sealing contact. The seats have non-metallic inserts, which serves as wiper to keep the gate faces free from solids. The sealing is not affected by pressure variations or vibrations.

The body cavity can be lubricated through fitting to ease operation and resist corrosion. The valve can also be repacked while under pressure. In case of need, seals and seats can be removed and replaced without removing the valve body from the line.

For remote operation, valves can be fitted with electric or pneumatic actuators.Produced in sizes from 2.1/16 inch to 4.1/16 inch with rated working pressure up to 5000 PSI, the valves are offered with flanged or threaded ends. Body, bonnet and trim materials can be offered to meet NACE.

The valves adopt expanding gate operating principal to give a tight and positive seal against both upstream and downstream seats under a wide range of pressures and environmental condition.

The full round bore (Through Conduit) design allows the fluid to flow through the valve smoothly without causing turbulence and minimize pressure drop. The absence of surface cavity eliminates the accumulation of foreign matter and allows passage of tools through theĀ valves.

Superior packing and thrust bearings reduces the torque.

Coating of molybdenum disulfide on the gate, segment and stem part provides low friction protective shield, which also guards against certain type of corrosion. Seat is fully protected from blow, in both open and close position and also because of their large seating area they give exceptionally long service life.

The valves incorporate reinforced PTFE seats, which give simultaneous seating action against upstream and downstream sides.

Online replacement of seals and seats is possible and stem packing can be added to the packing box while the valve is under pressure.