Christmas Tree and Wellhead

Christmas Tree and Wellhead

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Wellhead and X-Mass Tree are the primary pressure controlling equipment of any oil well. The arrangement of the Wellhead and X-Mass Tree items are customized to suite specific customer requirements and site conditions.

Equipments are designed to the Pressure Ratings of 2000, 3000, 5000, 10000 PSI and Temperature Ratings of K, L, P, R, S, T, U and V, PSL Levels 1,2,3 and 4, Material Classes AA, BB, CC, DD, EE and FF as per API 6A and also meeting Sour Service in Compliance with NACE Standard MR 01- 75.

Assembly Line

  • casing_head-1

    Casing Heads - Flanged Top

    Casing Flanges are furnished as standard with two outlets and have full opening through bores meeting dimensional equirement of API 6A covering wellhead equipment.
  • CasingSpool

    Casing Spools

    Casing Spools have full opening vertical bores complying with API 6A standard. They accept the interchangeable, field replaceable bit pilots which provide bit guidance for use over smaller sizes for casing
  • casing_suspension

    Casing Suspension

    Slips incorporate a new controlled makeup principle that permits casing string loads equivalent to the pipe body strength to be handled with a controlled pipe I.D. The design is such that when light to medium casing loads are supported, there are radial gaps between the segments
  • sli_seal_casting

    Slip Seal Casting Hanger

    The hanger is an automatic suspended-and-seal unit. It utilizes a metal hinge and a simple integral latch pin. It can be wrapped around the casing and lowered through preventers. Upon reaching the bowl in the casing body, it grips and suspends the casing string.
  • Turbing_spool-1

    Tubing Spool

    Tubing spools are used for single string suspensions. A complete line of tubing hangers is available to give a wide selection of completion choices.
  • Crossover_turbing

    Crossover Tubing Spool

    Crossover Tubing spools are similar to regular tubing spools, but the dimension of the lower end flanged connection provide one service pressure rating less than the outlet and upper end flanged connections.
  • Turbing_hangers

    Tubing Hangers

    Available lift and Suspension Thread Forms for Tubing Hangers
  • Extended_neck_turbing

    Extended Neck Tubing Hanger

    The regular tubing hanger and extended neck hanger is a single string hanger manufactured for use with the tubing hanger bonnets. The seals on the extended neck of the hanger separate the tubing pressure from the casing annulus seal is a compression packing actuated by anchor screws in the tubing spool flange
  • Turbing_hanger_Latcharound

    Tubing Hangers-Latch Around

    The tubing hanger is a stuffing box type hanger designed to be "latched around" the tubing to permit fast and easy installation at any stage of running tubing or completing the well.
  • Tubing_adapter

    Tubing Adaptor

    API Female Upset tubing. Bonnets with other thread types and sizes are available.
  • Tubing_adapter_extendedneck

    Tubing Adaptor Extended Neck

    The Bonnet is a single string adapter used primarily with all tubing hangers. This bonnet is made with a flanged or studded bottom and a studded top
  • mandrels_adapterflange

    Mandrels & Adapter Flange

    The mandrel is used with the bonnet. The two units are assembled using a matching heavy ACME thread. The mandrel is provided with back-pressure valve threads so that complete pressure control is obtained during tubing installation and well completion.
  • double_studdedadapterflang

    Double Studded Adaptor Flang

    Double Studded Adaptor Flang
  • adjustable_choke

    Adjustable Choke & Positive Choke

    Adjustable Choke & Positive Choke
  • cross_tees

    Cross & Tees

    Cross & Tees