Swivel Lines

Swivel Lines

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Wing Unions manufactured by Shreeraj Industries are used for quick connection of suction and pressure pipelines for Gas, Liquids, Oil, Crude, Sludge and Dry media. Robust construction ensures reliability even under the most arduous operating conditions.

Hammer Unions are manufactured by Shreeraj Industries in accordance with service conditions in sizes 1” to 6″ with pressure rating up to 1000 bar. Hammer Unions for Sour Service are manufactured in accordance with NACE MR-01-75 and API RP-14E.


The conical and spherical surfaces of the female and male subs respectively form an effective metal-to-metal seal in
case of low-pressure services.

For Medium Pressure, mostly a nitrile ‘O’ ring is provided in the male sub in addition to the metal-to-metal seal.

For High Pressure, a lip type seal ring of nitrile is provided for Primary Seal in the female sub. The seal protects tie secondary metal-to-metal seal from corrosion and limits fluid flow turbulence.For Sour service applications viton seals are provided.

Shreeraj Industries Unions are manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques to attain first class
workmanship and dimensional control. Correctly chosen raw materials for a particular service ensure better service and longer life in extreme conditions.